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Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's time to expand my world

Okay, I'll try the actual blogging part.

Life is ramping up on the adventure scale. Packing up my studio, putting our house on the market and moving to Santa Rosa, CA in January, 2010. Since I've never even visited Santa Rosa, life is soon going to be about exploration and discovery - about everything new.

I can't get over the opportunities that this move allows. The chance of re-inventing myself as anything I want to create. A successful artist, perhaps?? A THRIVING artist?? I'm in a seminar right now that has me re-evaluating who I am and also considering for the first time that I'm not stuck with who I've become in life. I can create being anyone and do anything.

The funny thing is, I keep thinking the move is going to make this possible AND I am actually capable of this at any time I want. I have the power to have my life work any way I design it to go - along with the circumstances that life provides. I get to say what friends I have, what kinds of conversations I have, what I do and who I live with.

It's simply recognizing the automated life that I lead day-to-day that will have me evolve. Arriving at work and realizing I wasn't present for most of the drive, gossipping and not realizing it until I'm in the middle of it, even down to the order in which I dry myself after a shower...same way each time. How much of my life am I "unconscious", going through life, letting my habits run me so that I'm surviving?? I think MOST of it.

So, this blog will be part of that journey and part art/'fine craft'. Maybe landscaping. It's a blog - no rules, right? If you're just here to look at my creations - that's perfect.

Here's to a journey of adventure, discovery and cool stuff being made and sold; a journey of having fun, laughing and exploring. It's time to expand my world.

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  1. Hey Dennis,

    I think your blog is great. Got to love the word 'blog'. ;-) I just started one too, but I haven't really told anyone. So it's funny, I could be putting government secrets, or the cure to cancer and no one would know. Just chirp chirp. lol It's, but there isn't much to see at the moment.

    I thought it was really cool what you wrote. My life this last year has been about change too, and learning so much about myself. It's been one of my best years ever. I just got back from a convention in SLC where they talked about a lot of the things you mentioned. There were some great speakers!

    I started a card business, and thought you might get a lot out of it. Keeping in touch with friends, or even building a biz you can launch and maintain from anywhere. So I'm not going to bug you about it. Even though I'm really excited about it. lol So either email me, or go to and take a look.I won't be following up on this. Not because I'm not interested, I am. Because I think you'll either get excited or it may not be fore you at this time.

    I know you will do great in Santa Rosa. I told you I love the bay area. So you are lucky to be going there. Congrats to both you and Robert!