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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Hunt is on!

Now that I'm in Santa Rosa, I'm unpacked and my crushed finger is healing, I am on a dual quest.  One quest is the hunt for a job, that is, a steady form of income working for "the man".  The other quest is to find the art community around here that creates like-minded pieces.  In short, I want to get a group together.  Artists seem to be these solitary creatures that seem to crave re-inventing the wheel.  I'm clear after some major research on the internet that this is an ignorant waste of time. :)

There are some artists that excel at business while most don't.  I intend to get some of each so that we can support each other in each being a thriving artist.  While there are online groups like EHAG that sell on Ebay and Halloween Queens that sell from a central website, I'm sure there are lots of artists out there that won't be "accepted" by those juried groups and feel just a wee bit alone.

I will be showing some of my work in a gallery in Petaluma, CA in the summer with a promise that I can rotate art in and out ongoingly throughout the year.  The owner and daughter loved my work and are happy to show it.  I'm happy, too!

There are so many venues online and a few shows nearby that I'm going to try to be a part of while I get in gear locally.  Stay tuned for some new pieces including a few marionettes....

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