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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Glitterfest, Here I Come!

Ok, I know that most artists that do art shows would think this is corny, but I'm hella excited to be doing my first.  Heather Rider is my crafting friend that will be sharing my booth with me.  She is an all-around crafter extraordinaire.  She does what I call Micro cross stitch - She does cross stitch for doll houses.  She actually counts the very fine woven fabric to make her tiny creations.  She also does everything else!  And the things she can do with a bell jar - SO imaginative.  Together we will have around 100 items at Glitterfest and I can't wait!  Here's the link: 

I was approved this week by the Glitterfest jury and just have to pop the hard copy of the application, seller's permit and check in the mail.  Now I have to get the other side of an art show complete - the business side.  Business cards, a cash box, the display, inventory lists, bags, display racks...............

I'm glad I'm ahead of the game.  Glitterfest is on October 2nd in Santa Ana, CA at the Elks Lodge.  Time to get everything else complete so I'm not rushing at the last minute like usual!

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