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Monday, July 5, 2010

Thank You Art Buyers!

As an artist that creates holiday-themed art, I know there is never time to sit on my proverbial laurels. Seems that it takes hours and hours to create enough pieces for an event - art show or internet. Seems like I make a few things and then, BAM!, it's two weeks later! Well, that is how it goes, time flies...

Halloween is actually 4 months away but it feels like it's just around the corner. I will be in my first folk art show the first week in October and may do a Christmas show in November! I need to get my Halloween completed in the next month or so and get to creating Christmas/Winter items. Most people in their right minds are enjoying the summer. I'm doing that, too, while looking for a full time job and getting my pieces from mind to paper to completion.

What I find interesting is the way buyers view our stuff. We can work hours on a piece, worry out the problems, discover a new technique and bask in the satisfaction of completion. A person can walk by my art and say, "That's cute!" or "I like it." and keep walking. Or they'll pick it up, look it over and set it down. That's a labor of love there and they'll never know what it took to make it. They'll never know the item they just glanced over took hours of work.

So what.

I didn't make my art to have everyone know what it took to make it. I made my art because I love to create. If someone buys the pieces that I make, then that's the bonus! (It also means that I get to make more pieces!)

Thank you, consumers-of-art! Because of you, it allows us artists to continue expanding, creating, growing and laughing. Because of you buying art of every imaginable medium and combination of mediums, the culture that is our modern civilization thrives and evolves.

Buyers keep buying and we'll keep creating. It's a win-win, symbiotic relationship that I'm happy and proud to be a part of.

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