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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Art Show Minutia - Oy!

OK, so GLITTERFEST is on October 2.  Sheesh there are a lot of little particles to manage for a 5-hour show!  Since I've never done a show like this before, I'm reinvented the proverbial wheel.  I have a check list or 3 and I'm slowly checking them off.  Did I mention "slowly"?

What I've also been doing is adding to the TO DO lists.  I'm having to make myself feel a sense of accomplishment because it's not coming naturally.  "Stop and smell the roses" was created for folks like me that could slow down a little bit and enjoy life, the journey, a sense of accomplishment.

I am complaining a little bit, but mostly this is really exciting for me and Heather (my booth-mate and crafter friend extraordinair).  I keep coming up with new and interesting ways to decorate the 8' x30" table and still be able to showcase as much as we can all at once!  Heather is trying to get things done with her sister and kids and dog visiting for 2 weeks...trying. 

Seems I am determined to have some sort of "outfit" for the show as well.  I have some crepe paper ideas that I found in an old Dennison's Bogie Book from the early 1900's so I'll probably go that route.  Some of the folks that I idolize show up to their art shows dressed like something out of the 1800's - all vintage and macabre!  I have other timelines to follow and since I don't know how to sew clothes yet, I'll wing it with sewing crepe paper. (Heather doesn't know it yet, but I'm making her one, too!  She doesn't read my blog, so I don't have to worry about spoiling the eye roll that I'll get when she is presented with it! LOL)

I met a great lady, Suzie Stowell, the other day.  She bought my Voodoo Priest!  She is a wealth of knowledge, opinions and good energy.  I asked her for all of it.  Reinventing the wheel for a lot of things when I don't have to is just lunacy, I tell you!  It's hard not to get some grand illusions that I'll sell a boat load and make a boat load.  (I have to put out a boat load of $$ before I even get to the show.) But just breaking even is not an option.  I'm still intending to cover all the costs and make some profit. "Starving Artist" be damned!!!!  LOL

I just finished formatting my labels so I can get them printed, punched and ribboned, inventory spreadsheet is started, business cards need to be ordered....

Last night, I started some paper maché things.  Wow, I thought I had patience but it takes a few hundred layers to seem strong enough.  I'll probably finish them with paperclay so I can feel sure it will hold up over time.  Christmas ideas are starting to flood my brain and might as well open that can of worms and get started. 

Still looking for a job, creating like crazy and smelling the "roses"... It's the journey - Being and Doing and Having that fills up my life. Not half bad!

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