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Monday, August 30, 2010

New Business Page on Facebook

Due to some down time at work, I was speaking with some of my fellow rookies and they suggested that I had a business page for Runamuck Studio on Facebook.  Duh, I never considered it...actually, I never paid any attention to it.  So I got some tutoring and found the right page to start and now it is started.  I don't have any pictures here at work so that will be downloaded from home tonight.  Who knows, maybe it will be a useful tool.

Along the lines of selling my work, I might have an internet event right after Glitterfest for some of my pieces.  I will show a few teasers and see if I can generate any interest.  Probably will be on Etsy. More details to follow.

I've just joined Spooky Time Jingles "Hive" that allows me to be a part of STJ even when they are at capacity with their usual artists.  There is quite a lot of traffic there and when I get some time, I'll probably do some of the marketing tricks they have.  I never knew that I would have so many opportunities as an artist.  I love that people are inventive and not willing to take NO in life.  This is a folk art movement of epic proportions.  The amount of advertising, marketing and energy around furthering "fine folk art" is growing everyday and thanks to the internet, it seems to be an exponential phenomenon now.

Thanks to Facebook, I've met some of the sweetest and most talented people that I've ever known.  While I haven't met them face-to-face yet (which will change some what at Halloween and Vine), I share our common passion for our creations and that is a bonding agent like no other! 

Surrounding myself with creative people is a dream come true.  Finding so many people with the same passion is easy with groups that are local like the Iris Society or Gun club.  Finding a local art group that focuses on a specific genre is less likely.  I suppose being exposed to artists of different genre would expand my proverbial horizon and possibly expose me to new processes, mediums and styles so I will look into it and see if there are artists groups that I want to be a part of in the North Bay area.  Since there are tons of artists around here, there are bound to be a few groups around.  I'll ask my limited group of friends and see what's out there.

Finally, I am working now as I mentioned at the top of this post.  Working at a corporate event company in San Rafael.  We are getting ready to launch registration for a massive event in Las Vegas so my down time will be quickly diminished when they go live.  The folks are really nice and this would be a great place to work for a long while if they decide to hire me from the temp agency that got me the job.  We'll see....

Thanks for being patient with these posts.  I don't post that often because I don't have that much new news to report.  I'll be posting again after Glitterfest with photos, etc.

Until then, keep creating and take some time to run amuck, it'll do you good! 


  1. I'm so glad you are finding your inspiration through these many social networks. As a somewhat "isolated" artist - working at home and not having a lot of face-to-face time with other artists, I've found places like the Hive and Facebook to be valuable tools for making friends with talented and inspirational artists (like yourself!).

  2. I agree with Robert, methinks I need to come out of my rock more often. Through the Hive and FB I too have met some of the most wonderful people and have been turned on to some awesome art.
    Dennis, was just in your Etsy shop. Love your style!!!