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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Great Owl Challenge

Hi All,

I am challenging folks to create...who, whoo...wait for it... an owl(s). I would love to see the owl be a part of Halloween again on equal billing with all the other Halloween icons. And since there seems to be a graying between Fall holidays and Winter holidays (see how I cleverly worded that? ;), why not an owl for all seasons? How about a Christmas owl or a Thanksgiving owl or all of the above?

Due to my limited sculpting skills, creating an owl is an actual challenge. For you, maybe not so much!

Any medium is fair game or combination there of.

Let me know if you wanna play. Squeeze it into your schedule and challenge yourself to a duel of skills!

COME ON! (You can rest when you die!)


  1. you don't have to be politically correct on your own blog!!lol i found some great vintage plastic owls at a thrift store a few years ago, the pumpkins i used but i'm hoarding the owls!! maybe i'll take your challenge and use one this year!

  2. Here is the link to Flickr where we will post all the pics: