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Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

I was worried that Halloween was already "over" for me due to the fact that I've been in major Halloween mode for about 6 months already and participated in Glitterfest. I see that Halloween is right on track.  It just took getting the decorations out of storage and putting our Halloween tree together.

This has been a great year of exploration, discovery and joy.  I met fantastic new people, networked like never before and saw my potential starting to be realized.  I have major plans for next year.  Expanding my abilities, knowledge, "fan" base (that's a new one!) and living life with integrity, grace and passionate self-expression.

I know this isn't the end of the year but it feels like it.  Like I'm on the edge of something really great and hella fun.  It feels like I'm starting my next chapter in a long life.  Creating what's next for me vs waiting to see what will happen, causing goals to become fulfilled, making a difference, having fun and laughing a lot are what my life is about.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate you more than you know. Stay tuned.  My  intention is to blow 2010 out of the water in 2011.

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