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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Letting My Mind Wander

By taking myself off the one-track-minded approach to my creations, I've been playing.  I'm creating a bunch of jewelry out of large abalone shells (yes, I'm being careful of the toxic dust) and millinery pursuits as well.  Halloween creations will be quite varied this year as I'm playing with ornaments, hats, assemblage and whatever else catches my eye.

It's been nice to not have the "have to's" that have colored my artistic experience as of late.  I have to be known, I have to get in Halloween & Vine, I have to get more people interested in my work, I have to sell more.....on and on the list goes.  I've given up my attachments to each of these and couldn't be happier.  While it would be nice to have these come to fruition, I no longer have to have these.  My life will move right along without any of them.

Now that is not to say that I'm not working toward most of these, but I'm going to have it be more creative, intuitive, organic.  This is an exploration in crafts (yes, I said the "c" word) and art.  An exploration that can be ADD and mercurial and me.  "Runamuck" wasn't chosen lightly!

There should be some new additions to my Etsy store soon and more posts on this blog as well.  Stay tuned and we'll see what shows up, what connections I make, what fun I have and what difference I make.

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