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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Art Shows are Nigh!!!!!

The final stretch is underway to get ready for my two shows.  The Art Trunk Show (Art is...You)  is this weekend.  It's on the same day as Halloween and Vine but is in the evening from 6pm - 9pm.  I need to finish up some pieces but mostly everything is ready.  I even mocked up my booth in my studio yesterday.

I'm excited to be assisting Iva Wilcox during Halloween and Vine during the morning rush!  That will be such a blast watching the doors open and seeing the serious collectors running to their favorite artist's booth.  So exciting!  This will also be an opportunity to meet some of my Facebook friends for the first time.  Great fun!

The next show is Glitterfest in Santa Ana, CA.  It's about 7 hours drive south but we'll stop at Hobby Lobby (the only one in CA) on the way down.  Robert and I will be staying at a dear friend, Heather's house and we can't wait!

Heather will be joining us for this weekend.  She is flying up, picking me up from work on Friday in a limousine and after some shopping, we'll luxuriate our way to Petaluma to get ready for a little get-together at our house on Friday night.

I've been contemplating leaving my booth mock up intact for my friends to see but I could just pack it all up and not have to rush on Saturday after H&V.  I think I'll just see how it goes....

Maybe next year I'll be able to participate in Halloween and Vine as an artist.  That would be a dream fulfilled.  Until that happens, I'll be working hard and creating away!


  1. Good Luck Dennis! I know you will do wonderful!

  2. Looking forward to Friday night! And so glad that Heather will be there as well!