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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Much Ado About Art Shows

After much ado, one of my art shows is complete.  I noticed that many of the little details (like a free crepe button with purchase, black cat-stamped tissue paper and logo sticker on my bags) seemed to go unnoticed.  I also notice that I enjoyed making everything so much that I don't really care!

The venue was a tightly-packed room - 3' to share with the neighbors table to my back - and well-lit.  There were lots of art supply vendors and some finished-piece artists.  All-in-all, it was a good first run at the Trunk Show - mine and theirs.  I made a smidge of profit and have a much better idea of what is selling this season. Smaller stuff seemed to be favored over bigger, harder-to-store items.  I noticed at Halloween & Vine that the largest items seemed to sit and sit, some never leaving their tables.

Robert and I had a little get-together with some of the artists from Halloween & Vine and it was such a great time meeting FB friends and having everyone get to know each other.  I was so present to comfort and excitement being with such like-minded folks.  They are all sweet, talented, clever and warm people!

I think we will plan for another get-together next year - maybe a pot luck in our club room so there is plenty of room for mingling.  We'll see....

Now it's time to get all my Glitterfest buttons made, some more ornaments done, retool some things and...oh yeah....find a new job.  I have 3 weeks to get ready for Glitterfest and a lot less time to find that "perfect" job.  Course, a temp job will suffice until I find "The One".

I appreciate all of the kinds words, the generosity of tips and techniques and the "industry" as a whole.  I know there are plenty of collectors/investors out there for all of us and look forward to a continued camaraderie where we all support each other.  ( I know, sounds like we're going to hold hands a sing "Kumbaya", but you get the picture.)

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  1. Thank you again Dennis for all your help. You were invaluable and your great smile and attitude were so appreciated! Look forward to next time!!
    ~ Iva