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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Today my grandmother, Grace Swick (aka: Maw Maw) departed for the pearly gates.  Believe it or not, I had a conversation with my late grandfather, Paul Swick, this morning on my commute to work.  I asked him to come get her.  Seems that he heard me.

Lately, I’ve been scanning hundreds of family photos from both sides of the family so I’ve seen literal snap shots of my grandmother’s life from when she was a child up to current times.  Being one in the family that takes a lot of photos, I’ve also enjoyed capturing Maw Maw sleeping on the couch or yawning.  Candid shots are the best!  Maw Maw was a beautiful child and woman and seemed to be enjoying life in those photos.  Either she was grabbing the horns of a longhorn steer or posing with her sisters; holding up a newly-made quilt or standing next to a rack of huge fish after a day of fishing on the water.  She usually knew where the camera was and was extremely photogenic.

I look back on the varied memories of visiting their house.  We kids would try to sneak up to the attic and we would play until we got caught.  That attic was a treasure trove for us.  I also loved it when she set up the red drinking bird on the table so I could watch it.  (I now have one of my own.)
Most times when we went to their house, she would be sitting in her chair shelling pecans, knitting or crocheting and there wasn’t a family event where you didn’t hear her walking around asking, “D’ya want some of my pie?” or “Have you had any Watergate, yet?”

Once, I found a bartender’s waist coat at Goodwill and brought it to Maw Maw to alter.  Little did I know that Maw Maw and Paw Paw worked together on many sewing projects.  Paw Paw knew quite a bit about clothes.  It was great to see them working together on my jacket.

I feel that today a new guardian angel was added to the crowd looking over us and I’m so happy she is back with her husband now, playfully pushing him away with a smile to avoid a silly kiss.  

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