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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Las Vegas is Actually Kind of Fun!

I'm coming out of the closet.....I'm a Fanilow.  My Aunt Mary and I just went to see Barry Manilow in concert here in Las Vegas!  What a riot!  He sounded really good and the show was great!  I'm going to a jewelry show on Tues morning and seeing Blue Man group on Tues night.  This has been quite a trip...and I thought I was only going to be working here.

I used to dislike Vegas.  I don't gamble, smoke or act like a fool (most of the time).  I visited once and thought some of the "architecture" was cool (i.e. the 1/8 scale Eiffel Tower) and everything was tongue-in- cheek.

My company sent me to Las Vegas for the 2nd time to work on hotel registration for a big event here and that is what I'm doing.  I'm a temp employee at the company and anytime over 8 hours is time & a half, which would get billed to the client.  Consequently, I only am allowed to work 8 hours a day.  My coworkers that are full time, work 10-12 hour days.  That has left me with free time to spend with my Uncle Bill, Aunt Mary and cousin Kate who live in Vegas.  I've spent more time with my aunt and uncle in the past 3 days than in the past 40 years combined!  I'm spending more time with them this coming week as well and it's been so much fun!

Last night, Bill and Mary took me to dinner and then we went to the Bellagio.  The Bellagio is decorated for Chinese new year and it was a site to behold.  In their giant "solarium", there is a 15' Chinese god and a full size "junk" boat in the pond. I will post pics when I get back and can get the pics off my camera. Then we went across the street (while the Bellagio fountains where waving to and fro) to the Cosmopolitan, which is swanky and draped with ropes of crystal. When I got back to my hotel, I walked around the square just outside the Venetian (where I'm staying) and just admired the Italian architecture sample that is the Venetian.  I know it's fake but it's as close as I've been to Italy at this point.

There are so many things that are "un-seemly" but Las Vegas has a sweet charm. I have had an incredible time so far.  By day, I'm a data entry robot, but by night I'm absorbing this crazy city with child-like wonder. 

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  1. You are going to LOVE the Blue Man Group! I've seen them several times and they are simply amazing!!!!

    I don't gamble either, but Vegas offers so many wonderful visuals for artists. I always leave that city with my creative energy renewed.