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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's the first week of Spring.  I suppose it's a cliché to say, "Where did the time go?" so I won't say it... Many exciting things are around the bend toward the end of this year and I'm in full-swing getting ready for them.  I've already completed a batch of 40 or so Day of the Dead glass ornaments and have another 12 ideas started, each in some stage of construction.

My grand wishes for my art "path" are starting to show fruition.  Many of the milestones that I created will be completed this year and I can only imagine what I'll create next.

impatient- adjective:  not willing to wait or delay 

I've found that I'm extrordinarily patient (read: procroastinate) when it comes to many facets of my life and then there are areas where I'm impatient.  There was an article on the internet (which I can't find anymore) regarding "impatience".  Since impatience is usually viewed as a bad trait, I thought it refreshing to read this article.  This article was actually extolling the virtues of being impatient.  Many breakthrough inventions, new technologies and rocket-like success were due to being impatient.

Being impatient regarding my art path is energizing for me. I've heard from some of my favorite artists how long it took them to "pay their dues" and I've never been happy to hear it.  Too bad for me, right?!  I don't always subscribe to all the rules especially when they don't provide what I want, when I want. Anyone can probably picture a pouty-lipped, 4 year old child in the aisle of a grocery store stomping his foot while holding a plastic water gun that he just plucked off the shelf that he can't live without. Sometimes, that would be me.

I follow most of the rules that make life work but just because someone takes a certain path doesn't mean I have to follow it right?  Even if it ends up where I want to be...right?  I have been intent on causing a breakthrough in my art "expression" for some time and thanks to the internet, I've made some strides.  I know fantastic artists who work in many mediums who inspire me to spend more time, do better work and have more fun!

As I've gotten more involved in the community of folk artists, I've added to my list of milestones.  Being part of a national art show - either as an artist or an event coordinator is one of them.  Then I think, "Why can't I do both?", or, "Why can't I do my own event?", or, "How fast can I get this accomplished?".  My imagination runs away into fantasy-land-I-want-it-now. I then take those thoughts and look at what actual tasks/milestones need to be accomplished by a certain date to fulfill the fantasy and then push myself because I am impatient.  It's more of a designed impatience - I know I'm doing it (most of the time) - and I 'generate' it when I realize I'm coasting and another milestone is on the horizon.  I use intentionality to actually complete all the little milestones to provide measurable results.

I am officially taking on assisting the new partners of Halloween and Vine, a national folk art show in Petaluma in September (details soon) and I am also completely accountable for the Winterville Christmas Barn at the Adobe Pumpkin Farm during the month of October.  This is definitely a capacity-building, awe-inspiring, bit-off-a-lot-to-chew year for me and I'm so excited to get started.  I'll be blogging as I accomplish big milestones so those of you can see my progress and see my mistakes (I'm sure there won't be any of those!)

I'm planning on having impatience and intentionality to drive me to the next level(s) this year.  I intend to empower the H&V partners and be gracious, generous and passionate in these endeavors.   I intend to cause a breakthrough in my self-expression such that the art community in Petaluma knows who I am, friendships are formed and folks are empowered around me and causing miracles in the things they are up to. Most of all, I intend to have fun...that's the best part!

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