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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Visit to Texas

Every Christmas my partner, Robert, and I go to Texas to visit my family for 10 days or so.  Every year I notice the Texan in me come back out and I notice the pride and culture that is quirky Texas. The first photo down at the bottom reads, "From Texans For Texans" with a Texas flag in the shape of Texas.  This was in a local grocery store.

This item, along with other animal prints was available at the local Hobby Lobby.  It's fur garland for the Christmas tree or wrapping presents!  UGH.  I haven't been to the Hobby Lobby here in the Seattle area so I don't know if this is a local thing or company wide.  But it sure made me laugh.  (No, I didn't buy any of this!)

In Texas, another name for a laundromat is "washateria".  In Baytown, there is this new combination of beer drinking and clothes washing...Washabeeria!  Texans and their beer!

And last but not least: the famous lone star.  You will always know you are in Texas by the highway system decor. Here is a Lone Star for every post.  As common as the name "Bubba"!  We love our star!

As much as I make good fun of Texas, I still am proud to be from there.  Seeing these things reminds me of where I'm from, of what I grew up with and the culture therein.  I didn't grow up with oil wells in my back yard but they were all around.  We never had long horns growing up but now there are 3-4 herds grazing on empty land in town.  (Makes me smile!)

I'm happy I got to spend the time in Tejas this December and catch up with family and friends.  Next year, I'll figure out some kind of party so I can catch up with more friends in one swoop...maybe a hoe-down!  (Just kidding!)

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