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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Halloween & Vine 2013

Keeping my eye on the prize (Halloween & Vine), I'm always on the lookout for supplies.  Cheap or free are preferred, of course.  One of our tenants at work is leaving his space.  They sold fine wine and cigars and the place reeks of smoked cigars...ugh.  Because the tenant is closing up shop, he was very generous with his cigar boxes (I got about 60 wood boxes), a lighted display (don't know where I'll put it) and a crusty "Fall" arrangement (I pulled 18 long pheasant tail feathers out of it and tossed the rest).

I know I won't use all the boxes, not sure what I'll do with the display case since it has no shelves and haven't a clue where I'll use all 18 feathers, but a free find is a free find!  (hang on, Hoarders Anonymous is calling....   Ok, I'm back.)

Many times, if I don't have any specific inspiration, I'll just look at my stuff (organized and labeled, btw) and let the supplies inspire me.  When my friend asked me to make something that moves for H&V, I thought of automata ( or  Then I ran across those great wood cigar boxes - Voila!  I have the perfect base for some creations.  Soon, the ideas started to flow and I now have sketches for 8 or so.  I have plans for other genres, too, but the automata will definitely be the challenge.

[I'm still on the hunt for sources for all things creative.  If you have a favorite website that you think is stellar, let me know.  I'll post some of these every month, just in case anyone is looking for something and can't quite find it!]

I'd love to know where you find your inspiration for the things you create.  Feel free to comment!

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