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Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Studio Up and Running

My studio in our new/old house is now completed and clean.  Not clean for long as I have a list of creations to make in time for Halloween & Vine!

The space is a former garage so it's long and narrow.  It is about 5' wider than my last garage studio and that's a good thing.  I'm sure I'll tweak things as we go along, but this is a great start.  

I would love to see other studios.  Where is yours?  How did you set it up?


  1. Greetings! ~
    I must say, what an amazing studio you have! Love it from top to bottom. I am struggling with getting mine organized to flow just so. Yours is definitely an inspiration.

    Keep up the fantastic work!
    - Ellie G

    1. Live with it for a while and then re-arrange if needed. I bought a label maker for all of my bins (not shown but behind the curtains) to save search time. Thanks for the kind words. I feel like it's a work in progress - always!