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Friday, September 20, 2013

Halloween & Vine is Nigh!

The one Halloween art show that I have been involved with this entire year is Halloween & Vine.  I'm one of the owners/producers of the show and this is our 2nd year to produce this 18-year old show.  I'm also a participating artist and my pieces are almost all done and priced and it's time to set up a mock booth to make sure all is in order. 

My new batch of creations are called "Ghost O'lanterns©" and I'm excited for their partying little booties to be debuted at the show along with wacky fascinator hats and other creations.

We have a great line up of artists, many of them new.  There will be some donated pieces raffled off with proceeds going to the Petaluma Animal Shelter.  There are three cat trick-or-treat buckets by Vergie Lightfoot and a collaboration doll we call "the Prince" who was passed between 9 of the H&V artists so they could add their touch to the doll.  Some of the contributions are intricate beaded cuffs, a crown, a tiny monster ceramic mug and orange snake-skin boots.  If you are in the area of Petaluma, CA, this is a must-go weekend.  Saturday is H&V from 9-3 and then Art is You...Trunk Show at 6pm.  Sunday is the huge Antique Faire and that is when I'll be setting out to drive back up to the NW!

There are so many other venues for finding Halloween creations across the country.  Ghoultide Gathering in Michigan is on the same day as H&V and Spirits in Sanford is in Florida on October 4.  Tinsel & Treasures is in Danville, CA on October 5. There are many online options like EHAG Emporium, SpookyTime Jingles and Halloween Artists and individual artists that have Etsy and Ebay stores or sell directly off their websites. Mine is Runamuck Studio (& Facebook page).

My friend, Robert Eberz, is a fantastic creator of fun characters with lots of detail and whimsy.  By day, he is a mild-mannered children's book illustrator (Splat the Cat) but by night, he is a creative guru with the ability to sculpt his creations with a touch of realism and a touch of fantasy.  He has a few new pieces in his "Gumples©" line available in his Grimm Grinz Studio Etsy store.  He also paints and has some great pieces there for sale as well.  Take a look below.

Whatever your Halloween taste, there are tons of options out there from "SUPER CUTE!" to the macabre.  Pinterest has a lot of photos that cover the entire spectrum if you want to give up a few hours (or more!).

I'll be posting photos and maybe video of Halloween & Vine soon after the show so stay tuned.  Thanks for following my blog.  I intend to post more frequently...Stop holding your breath!


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