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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's been a while since the last blog!  Whew, the time is flying and I'm finally bumping up my time organization a notch or two to manage all the things I need to.Halloween and Vine is a blast to work on.  Sure there are speed bumps (sometimes they feel much bigger, like brick walls), and we work them out and move on.

I'm playing in a big game and with that come big breakdowns.  Can't play a big game and not have those from time to time.  (I know...too bad! ;)

The next item on my agenda is getting in the studio and spending some quality time.  I have lots of sketches and the materials standing by patiently waiting for me to begin a new batch of creations and they're not going to create themselves.

With a finger on the left hand mending (broke a tendon), my allergic reaction rash finally fading away, 40-hour work week and our wedding coming up soon (4/21), organization is going to be key to getting it all done.

My first creation is an automata.  When you turn the crank on the side, the skulls eyes dart back and forth and a worm pops out of the head with a bit of the skull as its hat.  This was a bear to create but after 4 tries and 4 holey cigar boxes, Oli is done.

Now on to the next one!

Have a great rest of the week!

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