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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm finally in the studio with a zillion ideas running through my head.  Halloween & Vine is looming on the horizon. (9/28). Can't seem to simplify my sketches because these particular pieces will move.  One friend makes a suggestion ("What if some of your pieces moved?") and my mind sets to complicating my life.  Our brains are designed that way and I got a good dose of it.

I decided to start using up my 70 cigar boxes.  Don't think that I'm planning to use all of them up this year...or next year...or in 10 years.  There's a bunch of them.  I'll give some away when the opportunity presents itself, but until then I have a towering wall on one end of the studio.
Here are a few with the initial hole cut.  All the working parts will be inside except for the crank.  These are ear-marked for Dia de los Muertos and I finally figured out the "skin" on these.  I'm using several Mexican items for inspiration and needless-to-say, these are going to be bright, gaudy and fun!  In the back, you can see a Squasha scene.  She and her family are decorating for Halloween and laughing at the silly gourd dog's wacky hijinxs.  More to come soon as I gather supplies.  Keeping off the computer will be a boon to the Runamuck Studio production, but I promise to keep you informed.  See ya soon!

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